This blog is to help business leaders understand key data sciences concepts so that they can envision how to get new sources of business value from data.

Premise: The ability to use data to predict will drive new sources of business value.

Premise: Business leaders will drive the Data Economy, not computer scientists and data scientists.

Premise: Statistical sciences and machine learning are the tools to enable predictions.

Premise: It is essential for business leaders to envision how new data sciences techniques can deliver growth and value. It requires knowledge of what data sciences is capable of. But there is a knowledge gap.

Data sciences concepts explained in plain English

The purpose of this blog is to help business leaders prepare for the Data Economy by explaining data sciences, statistics principles and machine learning in plain English.

The articles are intentionally small in size and focus on concepts.

Understanding concepts is essential in order to lead the next wave of innovation through prediction. An understanding of these capabilities will help business leaders fully envision how their business can be transformed using data and predictions.

With a masters degree in statistics, an MBA and 20 years of experience in financial technology, I can help to bridge the knowledge gap.  This blog is focused on concepts and how those concepts solve real world business problems.

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